Child. Medication and prevention of rickets

ChildAs can protect your child with serious illness? First of all, you need to possess upon gestation prevention spending: to spend more time in a sweet air, to include in the regime natural milk products, cottage cheese, sour cream, dumplings, meat, crab, a butter and oil, enough fresh fresh fruits and raw vegetables. If the childbearing is in a autumn and winter, we recommend taking multivitamin supplements for pregnant women.Postnatal prophylaxis (later childbirth) includes:Natural breast-feeding, great nutrition moms, early but not too early introduction of complementary foods.Adherence of a day, enough child stay outdoors in the daytime.Careful maintenance of a newborn, gyms, massage.If necessary - specific prevention by taking vitamins D.In chief, a treatment of rickets doctors are divided into specific and non-specific. Specific - what is prescribed by a medic. Non-specific - that holds mother. And the finish, I Think about, baby recovery depends to a large extent. It's a walk in a fresh air, well-organized sleep and wakefulness, good nutrition, massage, gym.The finish two points are not hard to perform, because massotherapy is a gentle stroking and rubbing a baby calf with top to bottom, and physical jerks - in a careful breeding arms and legs to a sides. Читать полностью -->

Child. How to involve father? Properly distribute charge!

ChildYou need not, perhaps, to wait until the coming paternal feelings. You himself may not come or come when a gap 'tween a father and mother to a child gets too deep. Complete Involve Father in all cases from the more beginning, possibly discussing them upon childbearing.Contact the kid with parents is established in a 1st hours, why, much easier to find a common language with a new child daddy, who participated actively in labor. In a first week after birthday father's service and assistance is serious and the baby and mother.The general principle which should be borne in mind - my husband certainly wants you and detke alone helf, but he can not read minds. For him there are no things that seem quite natural for a lot of mums, it may not even be aware that the attention of the newborn for the entire time is more tiring.Of course, many of us find it gravely to ask her husband around something, specifically if a mother to make a successful career young girl and used to rely on its own strength. But a family - this is not the place where the girl is obliged to do anything. Читать полностью -->

Newborn. Terms of breastfeeding

NewbornWhen feeding a newborn put future to a glass of water and drink whenever you require;Check that the baby rightly took a chest;It is desirable that in the first 30 days of life, the child did not have a nipples however he learns to suckle him nothing should be confusing;Even a water bottle can bring the newborn to think of an easier procuring food. Let the h2o with a spoonful, the spoonful that a newborn pushes a language is quite ordinary of the a while he gets used to drink and be normal;Spout child can touch the chest, but he does not have to wallow in it. Create sure that a newborn was breath freely;In the first month of feeding must be paid to a length. Babe sucks the principal volume of natural milk for 5-7 minutes, but if it is so no longer suck, so maybe he's just a some weak. Ideally, a newborn should breastfeed for 10-15 minutes;If a baby is sucking long and still poorly gaining gravity, please help him. Feed him as often as possible, if he falls asleep, then wake him for touching the cheek;If a baby is born with lower birthday gravity, it necessarily have to feed at night;Almost impossible situation when a baby is overeating warm milk. Читать полностью -->


NewbornBut keep in mind a safety of the area it is necessary not only at home. To fun games on a court delivered a child and you only joy, note a following:However a rule, a children need a particular space in a position of the court however that they may play away from overly efficacious babies older.Unfortunately, in a sandbox or at a site can frequently find things like broken glass, pieces of iron, trash or beer bottles. Hence a conclusion - pay striving to where your children are playing, and do observe cleanliness in the playground.  Similar Newborn.articles:Newborn leaving. Calendar of child constructionBabyBaby care. Breast MilkBabyBaby MassageChild. . Читать полностью -->

Baby care. Recipe courage to nursing

BabyTo quickly restore vitality correctly to put three minutes every day (preferably earlier a meal) 1 teaspoon A mixing of four components: 300 grams of natural honey, lemon juice 4, 500 g walnuts (pre-crushed chalk) and 100 g of aloe nectar (if you will "juice" a juice from the leaves of plants to your home, apply a fleshy lower leaves, Carefully wash, dry and one time in the refrigerator), all thoroughly. If you are frightened of allergies, nuts, remove and substitute a honey fructose.Vitamin for nursingMeal feeding girl: VitaminMeal of the childbirth: VitaminsVitamin: the diet of lactating   Baby. Resembling Attention of a baby.articles:Newborn care. Breast-feedingChildAlcohol and warm-feedingChildMassotherapy for infantsBaby. . . Читать полностью -->

Newborn care. Items for balneum babies

BabyThe third - a means for balneum children. Absolutely may not apply anti-bacterial agents - you can disturb the natural microflora of the facial skin and stimulate the evolution of serious diseases. According to dermatologists, and traditional fast soap, which has a reputation for goodness cleanser, a much negative capacity on the sensitive skin of a baby.Why is this happening? On human facial skin has a protective film, which is often referred to so hydrolipidic mantle. That it does not allow the sun, wind, water and other aggressive external factors keep a negative effect on the skin. In children, this protective film is very thin. Organic acidity level (pH) child facial skin, wherein the protective film is normally performs its function, is 5.5, while extremely mild and moistened solid soap active component is in a range with 7 to 10.Alkaline substances contained in a usual soap, neutralize or destroy a organic pH level of the skin, in other words, "wash" a film that creates a barrier bacteria. Читать полностью -->

Maintenance of a baby. Strabismus in kids: causes, treatment of strabismus

ChildA causes of strabismus in babies:Strabismus in infants may be inherited or occur if the mum had a tightly childbearing or childbirth. A cause of illness can be diseases of the nervous system of a baby, childhood infectious diseases, and injuries.Frequently squint in a newborn is a symptom of other eye diseases, usually congenital. Ofttimes, the cause of strabismus in infants are also defects in a growth of muscular eyes.Symptoms of strabismus in infants:One or both skin eyes may be reduced in child's position, ofttimes to the nose, or a sort of "float". This phenomenon is common in children, but by 6 weeks it should disappear. It happens that parents do for a baby of squint location and contour of a skin eyes (eg, babies with a broad bridge of a nose). Over time, changing contour of the nose, and a imaginary squint disappears.Therapy of strabismus in babies:As soon so you notice that a baby squints eyes, immediately show it to a optometrist. Читать полностью -->

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